AI Variant is an analytics firm, provides best-in-class products and solutions. We have deep analytics expertise as well as domain expertise in various industries. We are extremely passionate about taking on challenges that matter to our clients. 

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We have served marquee customers as well as small regional players in different geographies like USA, Malaysia and India. We believe in keeping the things simple – Be it processes or solutions. We build solutions with low maintenance and overhead cost, in line with our endeavour of high ROI for the client.


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We will put ourselves into customers’ shoes to understand our clients’ needs and use our deep analytics expertise to provide the best solution. We are committed to change the paradigm of agility in the analytics realm, giving you the fastest time to launch analytical applications.

We will accelerate your journey towards a data-driven decision by partnering in:

We ensemble talented people in the DNA of our processes and cutting-edge technologies and tools and apply them to a cross-industry client base.

Industries We Operate


Managing market uncertainty, minimizing frauds, controlling exposure risk


Applying advanced analytics through the manufacturing value chain to generate cross value chain analytics


Analytics that brought more befits to the manufacturers – Predictive Analytics, PPH Maximization Analytics


Aviation analytics like predictive flight analytics, customer experience analytics, automation, and self-services

Energy & Resources

Power generation planning, efficient and accurate forecasting, site selections, asset management, energy efficiency


Retail data analytics that deals with price optimization, less expensive business development, future performance prediction

Financial Services Insurance

 Pricing and Risk Selection,  risks of cancellations, Risk and Fraud Analysis

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Clinical Data Analytics, Pharma Data Analytics, Clinical Decision Analytics, Medical Device Signal Analyzation

Technology, Media & Telecom

Better Network Optimization, Social Media and Sentiment Analysis, Location Based Initiatives, Data Risks, and Regulations

Electrical & Electronics

Neural Network Analysis, fault Detection Analysis, Motion, and Manipulation Analysis, Social Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms in Power Systems

Our Services In

Workforce Analytics

Customer Analytics

Marketing Analytics


Production Analytics



Supply Chain Management Analytics

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Domain

We provide end to end packaged services right from data collection strategies, data engineering in cloud, AI and IoT solutions with intuitive user interface. Users can access the data collected from sensors, insights on predictive maintenance and repair needs, analyse and improve product / machine performance, reduce total cost of ownership of products and improve asset utilisation


Our Expertise In The Areas Of

Data Analytics

Data Warehouse, Big Data Analysis, Data Science, Self-Service BI, Data Engineering, Cloud and Distributed Computing, Business Intelligence & Strategies, Data Mining, Database Management & Architecture, Data Visualization & Presentation, Natural language Processing, Deep Learning, and more

Machine Learning

Customer Segmentation, Video Analysis, Speech Analytics, Inventory Forecasting, Taxonomy Creation, Model Building & Training, Sales & Engagement Funnel Analytics, Image Analysis & Categorization, Entity Detection, Supply Chain Optimization, Online Presence & Social Media Analytics, and more

Artifical Intelligence

Financials Services, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Analysis, Assets Analysis, Business Performance Management, Benchmarking, Prescriptive Analytics, Data Mining, Process Mining, Analytical Processing, Data Migration, Information Architecture and more.

Business Intelligence

Performance Analytics like Productivity Improvement Analysis, Order Process Analysis, Route Optimization Analysis, Key Metrics like KPI and Forecasting Analysis, New Business Models and Project Analysis, Cost Analysis, Stock Analysis, and more.

Predictive Modelling

Risk Prediction Analysis, Real-time Analysis, Customer Data Management, Personalized Services, Financial Fraud Detections, and Consumer Analytics, Algorithmic Trading, Decision Making & Automation, Customers’ Transactional Analysis, and more.

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